You were born original. Don’t die a copy.

We live in a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to be our own person. We are constantly bombarded with images and messages from the media, telling us what we should look like, how we should act, and even dictating our values. It can be easy to succumb to these pressures and become just another face in the crowd – but I’m here today to remind you that YOU were born original; don’t die a copy!

It’s important for each of us as individuals not only recognize our unique gifts but also embrace them wholeheartedly. You have something that nobody else has – your own unique perspective on life which makes you special! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise or try to change who you are because they think it’s “cooler” or “better”. Do what makes YOU happy – whether that means going against popular trends or making decisions outside of societal norms.

Doing this may make some people uncomfortable at first…but trust me when I say embracing yourself will bring about so much more joy than trying desperately hard fit into someone else’s idea of perfection ever could! Life is too short for anything less than true happiness- so go out there and show off YOUR beautiful originality without fear or hesitation!.

At the end of the day no one can take away your identity – so why waste time trying? Be proud of who you are- after all, its uniqueness is part if what makes life interesting! So stand tall my friends: You were born original; don’t die a copy!