Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why
You don’t look happy, not laughing, not even a smile, tell me why.
You looked over at me, with those bright blue yearning eyes.
We haven’t talked much, or even actually seen eachother in a while.
Do you miss me baby? Now that I’m happy you miss me? Seems to be the style.

I know the word has gotten around. You’ve heard I maybe found someone new. Now tell me baby, oh please do. Do you wish that someone were you?
If you do decide you miss me, and you want to come back, be ready.
Be ready for me shutting you out, my heart and mind are both unsteady.
I’m not so sure I’l let you in. You made the choice to leave, not me.
Maybe it shouldn’t be like this. Maybe we both agree.
But you left, not me. You’re the one who looks unhappy.
So please tell me why? Why are you not happy?
Why do I still care? You’re not mine anymore, you’re hers.
Even though I act like I don’t mind. I still wish you weren’t.
So tell me why it happened like this. And tell me why you looked at me that way.
I finally am moving on. I’m doing perfectly okay.
Tell me why you ruined it, when you looked that way.~A.M.