Life will give to the givers, and take from the takers.

Life is an amazing journey full of surprises, joys and sorrows. It can be hard to navigate at times but one thing we know for sure is that it will give to the givers and take from the takers.

This simple yet powerful concept has been around for centuries – if you are generous with your time, energy or resources then life will reward you in kind. Likewise, if all you do is take without giving back then eventually life will come knocking on your door asking what it’s owed!

The best way to approach this idea when living our lives is by being mindful of how much we’re giving versus taking in any given situation. Are we doing more harm than good? Are we trying to get something out of every interaction? If so, maybe there‚Äôs a better way forward that includes generosity instead!

At its core this concept reminds us that kindness matters – not just because it feels nice but also because ultimately Life gives back what was put into it (and sometimes even more). So why not choose love today and see where Life takes us tomorrow?!

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