Father is the one who sacrifices everything for the happiness of his child.

Fathers are often overlooked when it comes to parenting. It is usually thought that mothers do all the hard work, while fathers just sit back and enjoy the ride. But this could not be further from the truth! Fathers are incredibly important in a child’s life, and they sacrifice so much for their children’s happiness.

A father will always put his child first – no matter what else may be going on in his life or how busy he is with work or other commitments. He will give up time with friends or hobbies if it means spending more time with his family; he will make sacrifices at home to ensure that everything runs smoothly; and most importantly, he will love unconditionally without ever expecting anything in return from his children.

A father also serves as an example of strength for a child – showing them what true courage looks like through difficult times by never giving up hope despite any setbacks faced along the way. He teaches them valuable lessons about respect and responsibility by setting boundaries but still being there whenever needed for support and guidance throughout their lives together as parent-child duo . And lastly, a good dad makes sure to provide plenty of laughs too – making memories that can be cherished forever!

Fatherhood isn’t easy – but these selfless acts of love prove why dads truly deserve recognition every day (not just on Father’s Day). So let’s take some time today to thank our fathers (or those special people who act like one) for all they have done over years ,and continue doing even now ,for us: sacrificing themselves so we can live happily ever after !

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