Angels are often sent as friends.

Have you ever needed help and someone just happened to be there at the right time? Or, have you ever felt like your guardian angel was keeping an eye on you and keeping you safe? So, if that’s the case, it’s likely that an Angel was sent to be your friend.

Angels are often seen as messengers from God who bring messages of love and hope to earth. People come into our lives for many different reasons. Sometimes they are here to teach us something or give us comfort when things are hard. Sometimes they’re here just because we need a little extra help or direction on our way through life. Angels always send us love and positive energy, no matter what the reason is. This can help us get through any problem we face.

No matter what kind of friend an Angel brings into our lives, they always bring light and peace, even if it doesn’t seem like much at first. So, when things get hard or confusing in life, don’t forget that there’s probably an Angel nearby ready to help!